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The Adolescent Intervention Programme targets students who have completed the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) Examination and are making the transition into secondary schools. The Programme recognises that the post-SEA students are required to manage two sets of changes/transitions simultaneously; the adjustment from primary school to secondary school and the adjustment from childhood to puberty/adolescence. Both of these changes can pose challenges to the child who does not have the required knowledge, skills or attitudes to navigate these transitions.

The programme is therefore focused on helping the students understand what to expect at Secondary school, the demands and requirements of the new environment. Some of the topics covered include Understanding Self/Personal Development, Communication, Developing Friendship, Leadership, Teen Sexuality, HIV and AIDS, Drug Abuse, Managing Stress, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Conflict Management, Respect for Authority, Nutrition, Physical Health, Personal Hygiene and Grooming, Time Management, Decision Making and Goal-Setting, etc. The students are also introduced to the importance of having hobbies and becoming involved in groups and other extra-curricular activities. Students are also made aware of the programmes and services of the Ministry. Students leave the AIP more informed, confident and better prepared and equipped for secondary school life.

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