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The District Youth Services Programmes operate through an administrative network that covers nine (9) districts in Trinidad; St. George West, St. George East, St. Andrew/St. David and Caroni in the North, St. Patrick West, St. Patrick East, Victoria West, Victoria East and Nariva/Mayaro in the South.

The clientele served are principally young people between the ages of 12 to 29 years in the respective catchment areas who are members of youth-led and youth-serving organizations as well as young people with no group or club affiliation (unattached youth).

There are currently nine (9) Youth Officers (YOs) of which three (3) are supervisory staff, twenty-four (24) Youth Development Officers (YDOs) and four (4) Youth Development Assistants attached to the District Services who work directly with individuals and community based organizations, voluntary youth groups and other stakeholders to deliver the youth development programmes and services of the Ministry.

As the Youth staff interact with students, young people, youth leaders, youth workers, civil society organizations and the private sector in the administrative districts/catchment areas, they deliver a range of programmes and services that include the following: Personal Development/Life Skills/Social Skills Programmes, Group Management, Institutional Strengthening, Capacity Building Programmes, Leadership Development Training, Small Business/Entrepreneurial Training, Environmental Awareness Programmes, Youth Exchange Programmes, Peer Education Programmes, Youth Health Programmes, Leisure and Recreational Programmes, Annual Observances of International Days, After School and Homework Support Programmes, School Transition Programmes, Arts Programmes, Community Award Programmes, Counselling and Referral Services.

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