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The Eduvan (Educational Caravan) is an innovative, school intervention project which addresses health issues that are affecting young people in schools. The Eduvan represents a partnership between the District Youth Offices and the schools in the catchment area. The intent of the Eduvan is to empower students to acknowledge and take personal responsibility for the issues that impact their health, safety and well-being.

The Eduvans focus on issues such as peer pressure, child/teen abuse, the harmful aspects of social media, alcohol and drug use, teenage sexuality, HIV and AIDS, teenage pregnancy, teen promiscuity, gambling, bulling including cyber-bulling, depression, attempted suicide, school gangs and violence and other risks. These issues are identified, within the school system, by the students, Student Councils, Sixth Form Associations and other student bodies, the School Administration, Deans, School Social Workers, Guidance Officers, Safety Officers, Teachers etc. and Parents/Guardians (PTA). Representatives from these entities usually comprise the Committees that plan and implement the Eduvan Project with assistance and guidance from the Youth Officers or Youth Development Officers.

A wide range of participatory methodologies are also used to reach the students. These include games, testimonies, spoken word, quizzes, competitions, mime, drama, music, photovoice, videography, etc.

Beyond the one-day intervention, students pledge to become active charge agents and champions for youth health (theirs and their peers). They are also encouraged to form Student Health Committees, Action or Advocacy Groups to address sustainability of the programme.

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