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Captain of the national hockey team Darren Cowie says that the national players are very happy with the assistance they have gained from the Elite Athlete High Performance Unit that is now available for national teams at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

The unit which is the brainchild of the minister of sport, Anil Roberts, caters for top level athletes in a bid to assist them with performance measurement, psychological work, nutrition management as well as physical development, so that they can compete and narrow the gap with foreign athletes. This is just one of the many initiatives that Roberts has brought into what is now a new thinking in local sport. Cowie said the SPORTT has been working closely with the hockey team to ensure that they receive the best possible assistance in their bid to bring glory to this nation.

20131224 elite unit hockey praise

Image: TTNewsFlash

 “The guys at Sportt have been really professional in what they have brought to us. They are really good to deal with and we appreciate all they have done for us. We were really happy that they took the time out to host a celebration for us when we got bronze at the Panam Cup.” Cowie says that performance which was their highlight of the year had a lot to do with the assistance they got from the elite athlete high performance unit. “Three months before we left for that tournament, we were allowed full use of the unit. We had trainers, sports nutritionists, coaches, psychologists and also technicians to measure our performances so we could have improved our game.

“I remember rooming with one of the players and after playing three games in about four days, I looked at him and asked if he was tired. He told me that he was not tired and was ready to go. When you play so many matches in a short space of time you start to feel the stiffness. There was nothing like that and this was attributed to the work we did at the High Performance Unit. It really assisted us in being fitter and better prepared for that tournament and we are looking forward to using it again, as we bid to bring glory to our country. “As hockey players we are happy with the assistance given to us by the Sportt and we look forward to maintaining a good relationship with them.”

Source: Trinidad Guardian

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