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Dave Bobb, director of Sports at the Ministry of Sport, is urging administrators and the public not to underestimate the power of sports in curbing crime in T&T. Bobb said, “Young men in our communities are the ones committing the crimes; young people between the ages of 17and 25 because they have nothing to do. Basketball: Hoop of Life, (and) now Super 10 is being used to have these young men move from one step to the other. “I will urge all team managers, coaches to try to instill into your players the importance of getting involved…importance of presenting yourselves as professionals, as players, not just as basketballers. And I believe that the entire vision of this event (Super 10) is to do such.

Director of Sports at the Ministry of Sport Dave Bobb, left, Mackeson’s Shawn Abasali and managing director of the Mackeson Super 10 Basketball League Kieth Clement hold up the challenge trophy at the media launch of the League at Carib Brewery, Champ Fleurs yesterday. —Photo: JERMAINE CRUICKSHANK Trinidad Express

“The sport of basketball targets young men in our individual communities and it is being used to have young men transcend to an area of positive thinking and positive attitudes. “Basketball is a game that is played by young men and ladies and I am saying that Super 10 covers for all of them. “The Ministry of Sport will continue to support this effort in a big way. We see where the structure is fine, (the) meaning of the sport is being transcended and I’m saying to the teams, you should all bite into it and support the entire system to see where it is going. Sport on the whole is used as a catalyst to move people away from crime.” He was speaking at Thursday’s launch of the 2013-2014 Mackeson Super 10 Basketball League held at the Hospitality Suite at the Carib Brewery in Champs Fleurs. Gold Medal Sports Company headed by Keith Clement conceptualised and produced the event which started back in 1987.

DIRECTOR of Sports at the Ministry of Sports Dave Bobb (left), Shawn Abasali-GlobalBrand Manager for Mackeson (centre) and Super 10 Tournament Director Keith Clement lift the trophy that will be up for grabs when the Mackeson Super 10 Basketball League jumps off December 8.
Photo: Newsday

Bobb, during his remarks, lauded Clement’s contribution to the growth of the sport. “I will like to complement the director of the Super 10 for the job he has done with the Hoop of Life, and he is now transferring this same energy into this league. He has done a fantastic job with the Hoop of Life and I am hoping that he would do the same with the Super 10,” he said. The expansion of the league to include teenage athletes did not escape the ministry official. He expressed hope that the tournament, which has grown from strength to strength, continues its trajectory and called on teams to support the league in a very professional manner and not bring it into disrepute. Bobb said, “The Ministry of Sport fully supports this league by entering its own Ministry of Sport team. So now the Ministry of Sport, besides being a sponsor, will also have team being a part of the league. We also see it as important to have involvement in all respects. The ministry has always partnered with the Super 10 to ensure that the event goes off and that it goes off at a high standard.”

Article courtesy the Trinidad Guardian

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