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minister small h Minister of Sport Anil Roberts says that sport in this country lacks intellectual capital and this is why the ministry of sport is  making some serious  investments in bringing in modem technology to assist all.

 Roberts speaking to Guardian Media said,  “Sport in this country lacks intellectual capital and this  is why we are not  producing many more top rated athletes. Let me  give you an example, Ato Boldon went to America and the instead of  playing other  sports, he was spotted and channeled  into being a top sprinter. If we want to get the best talent and  increase the ratio of athletes getting to the top, we  need to  get the coaches up to scratch and also get top level  equipment to assist them in their job. As a ministry we are responsible  for the overall  development of sport and athletes in  this country and we are not sitting by idly, with all this potential at our  disposal."


Roberts added that there are many potentially great athletes in this country but they need to be spotted and aligned with the correct technology to get  ahead and realise their best. :" We are going to get into all the villages and every corner of Trinidad and Tobago and get that talent. We have already started investing in coaches, sports psychologists, nutritionists and other well informed and qualified people to work with our athletes and we will take it further from dealing with just the elite athletes." The Ministry of Sports on the advice of Roberts started the Elite Athlete programme, which has benefitted a number of athletes at this level. The Minister has taken a special interest in this programme as it is his brainchild and is now happy to report that positive changes are already coming. "I would not like to be the one praising the programme but when I talk to the people it was designed for, they are very happy and have many stories of the impact it has created in their career. I know what is required to reach the top and I am not going to keep that know how to myself. I am going to work together with all sporting organizations to take sport to that level where we are competitive on the world stage. “The staff at the Elite Gym and those working on the Elite athlete programme are very hardworking and capable and this has added to the success of the programme.”

The equipment being invested in for the centre is like never seen before in this country. It will be able to take athlete preparation to the top level. According to Roberts, “When our athletes go out there to compete they would be able to be competitive. Very soon we will be able to bring home more Olympic medals as our athletes will be exposed to the latest in preparation technology. "I can assure you that once the facilities and the human resources that are being made available are utilized we will see great strides in the quality of our sportsmen and women in this country.” The equipment brought in for the Elite Gym can be found nowhere else in the Caribbean and now athletes can go to the Centre and work on their specific needs in order to get the best out of their bodies. Roberts continued, “We view the mental side of preparation as very important and hence we have invested in very experienced psychologists at the Centre. We are going to assist our people in every way possible and I am sure that those who have had the opportunity to use the system can attest that it is an excellent initiative.”

Article courtesy the Trinidad Guardian 

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