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Project Tender Documents

Please use the links below to download project tender documents:

  1. Chatam YDAC Upgrade of Dormitories Closed
  2. Chatam YDAC Perimeter Fencing Closed
  3. Los Bajos Youth Facility Upgrades to Classrooms Workshops and Play Courts Closed
  4. Sangre Grande Community Swimming Pool Administration Building and Technical Room Closed
  5. Maloney Indoor Sporting Complex Indoor Hall and Engineering Installations Closed
  6. Eastern Regional Sport Complex Engineering Installations Closed
  7. Central Regional Indoor Sport Arena Lighting and Electrical Installations Closed
  8. Couva Community Swimming Pool Plumbing Electrical and Mechanical Installations Closed
  9. California Youth Facility Sewer Upgrades Closed
  10. Cocoyea Community Swimming Pool Plumbing Electrical and Mechanical Installations Closed
  11. Southern Regional Indoor Sporting Arena AC Installation Closed
  12. Woodbrook Youth Facility Upgrades to Youth Building Closed
  13. Woodbrook Youth Facility Change Rooms and Perimeter Wall Closed

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MSYA Head Office

#2 Elizabeth Street, St. Clair

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(868) 628-MSYA or
(868) 628-6792


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