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Sports Minister Darryl Smith looks at the view from the Minister Box at the Brian Lara Stadium,Torouba during the tour yesterday. PHOTO: RISHI RAGOONATH
PLACING THE BAILS: Sport Minister Darryl Smith replaces a bail on the stumps at the Brain Lara Cricket Stadium in Tarouba, during a tour of the facility yesterday. Looking on are former sport minister Manohar Ramsaran, centre, who served as a pitch consultant, and Ian Telfer, left, an engineer for the project. –Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

The impressive Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba is set to officially open in May of this year, according to Minister of Sport Darryl Smith. Smith led the media on a tour of the facility yesterday and the stadium looks in “tip top” condition. The impressive facility which has been used as a political tool for many years is finally going to open for business in May and this prompted Smith to remark: “Was this so difficult?” In obvious reference to the 10-year delay in opening the facility.

Sport Minister: Was this so hard?

Brian Lara Cricket Academy to open in May

“We have lost a generation of young people.” That was the sentiment of Sport Minister Darryl Smith during a media tour of the Brian Lara Cricket Academy in Tarouba, yesterday. Speaking following the tour, which was facilitated by the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT), Smith lamented the fact that it took 10 years to complete the facility, which is due to officially open in May.

Minister Smith: Was this so difficult?

“What we saw today, was this so difficult? We lost an entire generation of young cricketers simply because of neglect,” Sports Minister Darryl Smith lamented yesterday as he toured the Brian Lara Cricket Academy which will be officially declared open in May. According to Smith, in nine months the Government was able to right the wrongs of the past and complete, what seemed like the never-ending project which started in 2005 and was supposed to have been finished in 2007 for the ICC Cricket World Cup.

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